Heimsuchung (1983)

Performance + installatie (Hahnentorburg, Köln)


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The first room (Lokaal)
The first room (Lokaal)
The second room (Lokaal)


The first room

In the Gallery hang 5 white painted glass-plates, a sixth one is held by Holtappels. Behind the glass-plates 12 copper plates lie on the floor. These are connected to the wrists Of Boegel by copper wires. With a sharp blade, Boegel scrapes the white paint off each of the suspended glass plates, while Holtappels — carrying the sixth — slow:y moves backwards.

When he reaches the copper plates, he lies down on them and rests the sheet of glass on his body.

Using his hands, Holtappels then paints the sheet with white paint, so that the shape of his body is still visible. Now Boegel lifts up the glass-plate and suddenly drops it on the floor. Against everybody's expectation the glass does not break.

The second room

4 pyramids made from black plastic stand in a dimly-lit room. From out of the pyramids you can hear four voices recorded on endless tapes.

Voice one : monologue of an old man in a private intranslateble language.

Voice two : talking and all of a sudden screaming of an old woman.

Voice three : sound of a feeble minded man. These three voices are recorded in a mental hospital.

Voice four : sound-track of the videotape 'Atmung' by Boegel and Holtappels.

The third room

A colour-negative of Boegel's face covered with clay is projected on the wall of the galery. This image is reflected in the water of a bassin built on the floor of the room.

In the water stands a monitor showing the process of the clay drying on Boegel's face.