Atmung 5 (1976)

Alleen performance (Stationsweg, Den Haag)


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3'42'' (YouTube)
3'46'' (YouTube)


Ik wurg mijzelf 3 minuten met een doek.
Ik sluit mijn neusgaten af en adem 3 minuten door een knevel van stof.


Ich stranguliere mich 3 Minuten mit einem Tuch.
Ich verschliesse mir die Nassenlöcher und atme 3 Minuten durch einen Stoffknebel.


On camera, Boegel is gasping for air, because he is preventing himself from being able to breathe. He is blocking his airways by stuffing them with fabric. Unlike the other Atmung works, in which the lack of air develops very gradually, here, the gag speeds up the process remarkably. Boegel's eyes are bulging through lack of oxygen, and all his blood goes to his head, making it swell up.

This video is essentially different from the other Atmung works, because this time Boegel remains in control of his own supply of oxygen. The artist tries to strangle himself with a cloth, but unlike the other situations, in which the lack of oxygen was inevitable, now, during the entire recording, he has the power to intervene in his own situation.