Relationen (1978)

Alleen performance (Stationsweg, Den Haag)




Wij houden ons in een 3 uur durende therapiesessie bezig met onze relatie tot elkaar. Met behulp van therapeutische technieken en oefeningen wordt onze relatie op non-verbale manier onderzocht en uitgebeeld.


Videoaufzeichnung, sch/w., 45 Minuten

Wir beschäftigen uns in einer 3-stündigen Therapie-sitzung mit unserer Beziehung zueinander. Mit Hilfe von therapeutischen Techniken und Übungen wird unsere Beziehung auf nonverbale Art untersucht und dargestellt.


This video is a fragment of a registration of a 3-hour non-verbal therapy session during which the two men (Boegel and Holtappels) are experimenting with their inner emotions and their relationship to one another. With the guidance of a therapist, they delve into and expose their own psyche through breathing techniques, balancing and strength play, anger expression, resistance and trust exercises with and towards each other. Through their expressive postures, attitudes, movements and voice elements Boegel and Holtappels are trying to reach emotional self-awareness and examine and impersonate their relationship in a non-verbal way. This work is placed within their series of actions-works exploring the limits of the body, emotional expressions, perceptual stage and the state of the mind.

Netherlands Media Art Institute, Angelina Tsitoura