A moment in the life of Icarus (1985)

Installatie (Theater Zeebelt, Den Haag)




Video installation

Two wings, made from wire netting and wax are suspended from the ceiling. Between the wings hangs a monitor, on which you can see the black painted face of Holtappels in front of a black background. Slowly the face is covered with gold leaves and becomes visible as a face.

The wings are illuminated by 12 1000 Watt spotlights. Through the heat of the lamps the wax starts
to melt and drips on black glass-plates which lie on the floor. Using a live camera the scene is displayed on a monitor placed in front of the glass-plates.

At the back of the space stand two monitors showing the movement of a cone made from copper.

The sound is the 'symphonie monoton-silence' written by Yves Klein and performed on a synthesizer.