A Lay-out For Desire (1985)

Alleen performance




Here, the outrageous object of desire takes the form of a depersonalized 'model' who assumes the provocative poses of soft-porno magazines. Like some potential quarry, she is stalked by the painting of a bird of prey. Cas de Marez' expressive vocal sounds (squeaking, screaming, gasping and screeching) illustrate alternately passion, fear, attraction and rejection: the motions and emotions of desire. The artist, the designer of this desire, reveals that it is he who seeks connection and hence this tape is possibly a metaphor for an artistic longing. But there is nothing definite about this contemporary depiction of Leda and The Swan. For that matter it is only a 'layout', a design. This is also emphasized by the fact that the woman is a model in disguise and the swan is just a picture...